How to fit Vertical Blinds

How to fit Vertical Blinds

1. Install wall or ceiling bracket, ensuring they are in line about 8-9cm away from the window frame. Brackets should be about 6” (153mm) from the ends. Take note of any obstructions such as window handles and allow for clearance.

2. Attaching head-rail (Top Fit) Insert front edge in the bracket and push up to clip in the back.
(Face Fit) Insert back edge into bracket first and tighten screw.

3. Hanging Slats – make sure Slats are in the open position as shown in the picture.

There are two holes in the hanger for the slats, if your slats hang too low simply snip the first hole off with a pair of scissors and use the second hole.

4. Weights and chains insert weights and clip on chain as shown in the picture.


5. Child Safety Device insert The cord pull down so the cord is taut, mark and drill hole insert chain and screw into the wall.

How to fit Roller Blinds

roller instructions

Fitting the Brackets

The bracket positions illustrated are for a blind with the control chain on the right hand side of the blind. For a blind with the control on the left, the brackets should be at opposite ends. Brackets can be top, side or face fixed to any flat surface. They must be level to ensure the smooth operation of the blind. Check that the rolled up fabric will not touch any surface. To calculate the spacing between the brackets, add 35mm (1 ⅜“) to the width of the blind fabric. Fix the brackets so that the outsides of the brackets are this distance apart.

Fitting the Blind

Make sure that the blind fabric is completely rolled onto the roller.

Hold the blind to the brackets. Fit the spring plunger into its bracket and push the blind into the bracket, depressing the plunger. With the locating hook pointing downwards and the chain guard lug at the top, place the hook into the vertical part of the ‘+’ shaped hole in the bracket. Allow the hook to drop downwards so that it locks into place in the bracket.

Operating your blind

Side Control chain: To raise or lower the blind pull the side chain appropriately.


Child Safety Device 


Insert the chain, pull down the device so the chain is not loose, mark and drill a hole and screw to the wall.


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