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Patterned Fabric

Good quality 3 Ply Jacquard Fabric also available in Vertical blind fabric.

If you have a drop of more than 1600mm then the largest width you can have is 2037mm

New child safety law in the EU means we have to send you a child safety clip to keep looped coords and chains away from small children. This device will be sent instead of the cord weight.

This device is secured to an adjacent wall or window frame the cords and chains are held permanently within the device.

Checking Your Measurements:

Click the button below to view the guide in a small pop up or
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Measuring Guide Pop Up

Please first tell us how you have measured your window:

Enter Your Measurements


For accuracy and perfect fit please measure in centimeters and /or millimeters with a steel tape measure.

Your window blinds, only ???inc VAT

Extra Options For This Product

Note: Some options can add an extra cost; stated within the option '(+ £x.xx)'. Your full product total will be displayed in the basket.

Chain Controls Side

Roll Position

Select Your Colour / Style

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Beesha White  

Beesha Cream  

Rowan Cream  

Rowan White  

Stripe White  

Stripe Cream  

Zara Cream  

Zara White  

Cone Cream  

Cone White  

Malimo Cream  

Malimo White  

Kira Cream  

Kira White  

Clio Cream  

Clio White  

Note: Due to a wide range of colour tempretures present in different brands of computer and device screens, the actual colour may be slightly different. If you have a very specific colour requirement we suggest you contact us via the link at the top of this site first.