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Vitra Blackout Fabric

These Blackout Replacement Slats come with new Hangers, Weights, Chain & Free P+P they are 3.5inch wide.

The Vitra Fabric is a good quality Bonded Blackout Fabric with a pvc back. The colour on the back may vary slightly from the fabric on the front.

Please measure the length of your existing slats.

Note: Minimum Order Quantity is 10.

For accuracy and perfect fit please measure in centimeters and /or millimeters with a steel tape measure.

Your quote is only ???inc VAT

Select Your Colour / Style

Tip: Hover over the thumbnails to see a bigger version.

Vitra Envy  

Vitra Action  

Vitra Shock  

Vitra Flame  

Vitra Passion  

Vitra Imperial  

Vitra Marina  

Vitra Licorice  

Vitra Roast  

Vitra Zorro  

Vitra Biscotti  

Vitra Beige  

Vitra White  

Note: Due to a wide range of colour tempretures present in different brands of computer and device screens, the actual colour may be slightly different. If you have a very specific colour requirement we suggest you contact us via the link at the top of this site first.