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We are a family run business dedicated to producing blinds of the highest quality and value. Primarily we are a blind manufacturer who makes blinds for the trade. Our Service and Quality are second-to-none with thousands of satisfied customers all over the UK, Europe and the world.

Manufactured in the UK to a very high standard, these Blinds are amongst the best value for money on the internet. Taylor made to your specifications, these blinds use the best components and because you are cutting out the middleman, you will find the price to be simply extraordinary.

We are so confident about our Blinds that they come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! So before you shop anywhere else, why not visit our ordering page, and get an Instant Online Quote!  All you have to do is enter your window measurements, it’s really easy to do.


There are two ways to buy blinds

1 Ring a local company, who will send around a sales man who will measure your windows and show you some fabric, he will probably sit in your house for an hour or so presurising you in to buying blinds at a greatly inflated price, as he usualy has to pay for himself, the boss, the person who makes the blinds and the person who will come and fit them?.

2 If you can use a tape measure and a drill, Why not buy them off us for a fraction of the price.

One of our customers was quoted £908.99p + Fitting, he told me he intended to pay his friend £20.00 to fit our blinds as he was not DIY minded and we charged him £249.99 Inc P+P. He phoned me a week later and told me the instructions we sent him where so clear he put them up himself saving him another £20.00.

We Guarantee You will not be disappointed with your purchase


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